Send Your Demos

Steps to submit your tracks


Do you think your music is for Moái?

Do you want us to listen to your demos?

Well just follow these steps:

1. At the bottom of the list, find the email address where you should submit your tracks.

2. Choose your two best tracks, which can fit on Moái Recordings. As you know, Moái Recordings focuses on music ranging from the Deep-House to the Tech-House …

3. Upload the tracks to your Soundcloud, put them in private mode and send them to Adding a little bit about your story (if you have other versions for a label, if your tracks have sounded somewhere, etc.).

4. If you follow these simple rules, we will listen to your music. Since we have received many demos in the duration of the day. Sometimes it will take some time, but we listen to everything we receive … If you attach the Mp3 to the email, send it through another system like WeTransfer or send 15 tracks in the same email, unfortunately we will not be able to listen to them.

5. Given the amount of demos we receive, we can not respond to all emails we receive. If we like your work we will contact you. If you do not have news about us, do not worry, maybe this time your tracks will not fit our label, maybe next time …